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About Us
Who are you guys?
We’re a semi-serious Mythic raid guild based on Azuremyst-US. We differ from a lot of other hard-mode raiding guilds in that our raid week is comparatively short (7 hours a week). Because of the short amount of time we have to raid, we strive to make each second of that time matter. Our goal is to conquer as many mythic bosses as we can while it is current content.

In terms of demographics, our ages range from early-20's to late-30's. We have both women and men in the guild, with a few people who are couples. Generally, we are pretty laid-back group.

What are your raid times?
Our current plan for Warlords of Draenor is to raid two nights a week: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm-11:30pm PST. We try to make the most of our time, and if we have most people ready to go before our stated start time, those folks will start clearing the trash (as opposed to just having everyone sitting outside the entrance, running in circles).

What are your loot rules?
We hand out loot based on a priority system.

Main Spec > Dual Spec > Alts (in the rare case one is brought) > Disenchant

Any gear that drops is linked in raid chat. If there's an item that would be an upgrade for multiple people, we have them roll. We do not have any specific “cap” on the number of items someone can receive per lockout, however, as a courtesy to your fellow guildmates, most of our raiders will pass if they notice they've received multiple upgrades while others have not. We all try to keep in mind where our fellow raiders are at with regards to gear. If something is a minor upgrade for you but a major one for someone else, it benefits the group as a whole if it goes to the lesser geared person.

What about attendance?
At this time, we don’t not have any set attendance requirements. That being said, its very important for everyone to be present for raids as much as possible. It's completely fine if you have to miss a night or two everyone due to real life (and its expected from time to time), but members are expected to always give advanced notice via the forums, in-game mail, or other method of communication when possible. Of course, if there is an emergency (a family member in the hospital or something of that nature), take care of that before worrying about informing us.

Do you have benchwarmers?
No. However, we expect to have an active bench of more than twenty people though. We do this so that we do not have to resort to bringing in PuGs, and to ensure that we always have a full roster of guildies heading into each raid if we are missing a raider or two one night due to internet issues or real life. We solve the issue of having more than 20 raiders by rotating people in and out by fight or by night, with the expectation that it will happen as equally as possible.

What this means is that each raider will be expected to “sit out” periodically, unless we have several absences that week. Raiders will not sit out on the same fights week in and week out, and we will rotate based on things like any compositional requirements or specific loot people need from particular bosses.

We do not expect raiders who are rotated out on fights to wait outside the instance on their main for longer than ten to fifteen minutes. Raiders in such a situation are permitted to switch toons or go AFK. A lot of the time, if we will be working on a single boss for the rest of the night and are confident that we will not kill that boss and move on, raiders who are sitting for that boss go ahead and log out for the night after ensuring that they are not needed.

This system has worked well for us in the past, and we expect to utilize it for the foreseeable future.

What, if anything do you provide to raiders during raids?
The guild uses funds from guild challenges, the cash flow guild perk, and any BoEs dropped during raids to finance food, repair bills, potions, and flasks during raids.

What is expected of your members?
• Play your toon well. Keep up-to-date with the ins and outs of your class. Research optimal talent builds, gear, and ability rotations.
• Come prepared. We require your character to have fully gemmed and enchanted gear. Carry enchanting scrolls and pre-cut gems with you if you’re the type of person who wants to equip new gear right away. We do not want people porting to an AH and taking care of new gear in the middle of a raid!
• A desire to play your best. We want players who will bring their all and expect to have to work to progress on bosses. We don’t want to and can’t carry players in mythic mode encounters (nor can we afford to waste battle rezzes).
• A friendly attitude. We all have bad days, but for the most part, we expect our raiders to get along with each other, not start drama, and remain calm in raid chat and voice chat.
• A high tolerance for wipes when we’re learning a new encounter. For the most part, raid bosses don’t die in one or two shots, especially in mythic mode. They take a lot of coordination and team work to beat, and it normally takes a bit to get complete hang of them.
• You readily accept accountability when you make a mistake (and everyone makes mistakes sometimes). We don’t scream at each other when mistakes are made, but we do expect people to own up to their mistakes and actively work to improve. If there’s something you just can’t get the handle, we’ll do our best to alter strategies to accommodate (within reason).
• Know the fight mechanics before we pull. This requires you to do some research before even entering the raid instance.
• A functioning UI that includes common addons, such as Deadly Boss Mods, a threat meter, etc.
• You are open to constructive criticism about how to improve your performance. Insulting people is not the way to go about making a suggestion, but there will be times when maybe moving a talent point or switching a glyph will fix an issue. We expect raiders to be able to listen and intelligently discuss criticism.
• A stable computer system and internet connection. We all have our internet go out sometimes, but we can’t afford to bring someone who is disconnecting 90% of the encounters.
• You have voice chat software installed and can at the very least listen to instructions and any announcements that may take place during encounters. A working microphone is even better!

This all sounds great! How can I get in?
You can use the link on the home page to fill out an application that will then be posted to our forums. Once we've received your application, one of us will get in touch with you shortly. After that, we normally try and meet with the person in voice chat or get into a party in-game and go over any issues we may see and clarify any questions that we (or you!) may have.

Following the “interview,” we will make a decision to extend an invitation to you. You will spend two weeks as a Trial Member. This time gives us the chance make sure that you fit in with us, and ensures that you have a bit of time to make sure that you are happy with hanging out with us killing internet dragons . During this time, you may receive loot, but are prioritized lower than our raiders when it comes to items like tier tokens
(unless the token is not needed by a full member).

At the end of the two week trial period, we will come to one of three outcomes: promotion to raider rank, an extension to the trial period, or rejection of the application to become a raider. Promotion and rejection are probably pretty self-explanatory – either you have what it takes or you don’t – sometimes there may be just one or two things that need to be improved upon before we can promote a recruit. The trial period will be extended, and a final decision will be reached at the end of the next week.

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